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Helping to serve your community, Chris Evans MP Help Shape Britains Progressive Future

Contract with Constituents

This is my contract which ensures that all constituents receive the best possible service and that any problems are pursued on their behalf.

  1. I acknowledge all letters from constituents and do my best to secure a full response.
  2. I acknowledge all emails from constituents by letter.
  3. I hold regular surgeries and visit elderly, disabled and other constituents at home if they have difficulty coming to see me.
  4. I maintain an accessible constituency office at Pontllanfraith for constituents on a major bus route.
  5. I keep constituents informed of my local and Parliamentary activities.
  6. I work with local organisations for the good of our community.

My constituency office in Pontllanfraith is on one of our busiest bus routes, has full disabled access and is staffed from 9.30am to 5pm every weekday.

My office is many things for people in Islwyn: offering advice, a centre of help and support for pensioners, families and others, a 24-hour message answer service, an information office for constituents, arranging visits to the Commons, and most importantly a sympathetic advocate for the rights of each and every one of my constituents. 

I acknowledge every letter sent to me by my constituents.  I receive thousands of letters, phone calls, emails and visits every year.  I send thousands of letters to constituents, companies, government agencies, the council and many other people and organisations on behalf of the people I represent.  My professional staff works with me to chase up cases and ensure that my constituents are properly listened to and treated with respect. 

All I ask in return is that my staff are treated with courtesy and respect.

I work in Parliament four days a week, making laws that affect my constituents’ lives.  So that I can represent them properly, I need to stay in touch with what they are thinking, and their hopes and aspirations.  I aim to keep Friday and the weekend as days for my constituency work, and I hold regular street surgeries around the constituency on a Saturday morning.

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