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9th December 2016 - Let’s get Brexit right

‘Government should be ashamed over food bank use’ says Islwyn MPEver since Theresa May was appointed Prime minister in July, her top priority for government should have been preparing the plan for Britain to leave the European Union.

Here we are nearly six months after the referendum result and the grand plan is…..wait for it……’Red, White and Blue’ Brexit!. Totally meaningless words giving absolutely no comfort or direction to the British public or businesses based here.

It was not until Labour tabled an opposition motion in the House of Commons last week that the government came up with a date of 31stMarch 2017 to trigger Article 50. The sooner the better, but why have a self-imposed date when we have no idea whether this is achievable?

Not having done anything in all this time apparently some great strategy will be formalised in the few short months after Christmas. Are we really to believe that something so important as leaving the EU can be wrapped up by then?

As we have no idea when the plan is to be published prior to the 31stMarch 2017, how on earth can we give a commitment to press go on that date without proper parliamentary scrutiny? To me, that is the equivalent of starting a ten second countdown on a space shuttle without checking all the doors are shut.

My constituents voted for leave and I respect that, therefore I will vote to leave when the time comes. However, I believe it is my duty as a Member of Parliament to get the best possible deal for Islwyn. We only have one shot at this so let’s make sure we get it right.

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