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19th October 2016 - ‘Think differently about money’ says Islwyn MP

‘Government’s draft BBC charter and agreement is rushed’ says Islwyn MPIslwyn MP Chris Evans has suggested that his constituents think differently about the way they save money and take out credit as part of International Credit Union Day 2016.

Organised by the World Council of Credit Unions, Credit Union Day takes place on the 20th October and celebrates the achievement and impact of credit unions as co-operative societies.

Credit unions are not-for-profit, local member owned financial co-operatives. They provide loans and savings accounts to members with competitive interest rates, distributing profits among members rather than corporate shareholders.

Islwyn is home to two community credit unions, including the Islwyn Community Credit Union which is based in Blackwood and the BAG Credit Union which operates in the Rhymney Valley area.

Mr Evans said: ‘When most people think about getting a loan or opening a saving’s account, they think of one of the big-name high street banks. But as more high street banks close branches, Credit Unions are a fantastic alternative to traditional banking with a far greater focus on their local communities.

‘Where traditional banks distribute their profits among shareholders and executives, Credit Unions distribute their profits among members. This means they can offer competitive interest rates, far better than can be found from payday lenders for example.

‘Being rooted in their community, they also put a much greater emphasis on financial education and personal service to members which is not often found with high street banks. I would encourage my constituents to consider becoming a member of their local credit union.’

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